Byzantine Bindings

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Out of the silence

"Set yourself to read and garden write paint and play the guitar. All of these things await and
Follow streams which
lead to the sea wherein
lies the very essence of love and the
stillness of the universe beating
heart the love which calls forth the
life from within the soul the ground of being of
truth and passion of
love and beauty - all
will be
well... dreams and fragments of reality course through time
and make us well with the world from which we cannot be
separate and longing ever for that
final journey when we cast off the
ties which bind us to this
mortal body so shall it be
and so shall the life of
every living thing teach us that that in the end we are all
dust but what marvels and miracles we weave
whilst in the present moment if only
we can see the little fissures of
light which sparkle
endless day endless

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fifth Triad

either by nature
or self - infliction
lying imobile
when true nature
requires story telling
handing on tradition
radiating sun's energy
with every breath.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Fourth Triad

In the beauty of the morning
in the garden
fabulous apple tree blossom
such evidence there is
indicates continuity

year upon year
to which I belong
am a part
and give thanks.

Who will drink from my cup
sit with me to learn kingship
in the silver light
of the knowledge of the new-born moon?